Autumnal favorites

Hi friends, I hope you’re all when in these difficult times. It’s been a while since I last wrote a post, the reason being lack of creativity, energy and most of all a whole bunch of skin issues. But I’m feeling a bit better and the last months I have (re)discovered some truly lovely skincare…

Spring makeup look with Fitglow Beauty

If you follow me for a while, you’ll have noticed I rarely talk about natural makeup products. That is because I’m usually left disappointed by these products which makes me reach for conventional brands mostly. That was until I was introduced to the products of Fitglow Beauty, a brand that is all about plant based…

Favorite discoveries of 2019

It’s that time of the year where I get to share all my favorite brand and product discoveries of 2019! In this post I share with you my most treasured skincare brands and picked one product (sometimes two!) per brand that really stole my heart away.

A spa ritual with Brùme cosmetic

Brùme Cosmetic is an online green beauty shop based in France. Much more than an e-commerce, Brùme offers you a universe. Brùme selects exclusive products created by artisans, artists, made with an exceptional quality so that your time spent in the bathroom is transformed into a real sensory ritual.

REVIEW | Earthwise Beauty

It’s finally time to share with you a brand whose skincare gives me energy, goosebumps and most of all calm and well nourished skin. Earthwise Beauty products really are something special and I’m so excited to tell you all about them!

REVIEW | Aislin Quinn

It takes a lot for a brand to catch my attention but when I tried a sample of Aislin Quinn’s face oil, I knew this brand was something special! Some brands just grab you by the heart and don’t let go, that’s exactly what happened with Aislin Quinn.

Sensitive skin series

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my skin got very reactive due to some allergies I was dealing with (not skincare related). Quite a few people asked me what I recommend to deal with sensitivity, so I thought it would be a good idea to share all the products I use when my skin is very reactive and prone to redness.

New things I’ve been loving lately

Ever since starting my ‘green beauty journey’ I’ve tried so many brands and products. I feel like after trying so much, I finally know which brands I like and what products attract me the most. Yet sometimes… new products can still surprise me! First let me introduce you to Wild Grace, a plant-based skincare brand…

The little joys of using Rachel’s plan bee

Have I ever told you about Rachel’s Plan Bee products? Probably not, and that’s a shame because I’ve been using her products for years! See, I always talk about skincare but when it comes to bodycare, I often forget to share what I love. So todays post is all about the brand I love so…

My summer skincare essentials

Summer is my favorite season and although I usually don’t use specific skincare products for the different seasons, I did discover some pretty amazing products this year! My skincare routine has been so much fun since I added in a few new bits and bobs and I really wanted to share them with you! As…

A pampering session with Inner Senses

Today I’m sharing with you a luxury pampering session inclulding one of the most beautiful and pure brands I’ve come across, Inner Senses. Inner Senses is a multi award-winning British artisan brand of Organic Beauty and Wellbeing products, aromatherapy based, with a holistic approach and apothecary traditions. Inner Senses was founded by Lisa Basso, a…

Q&A with Mono

Hi friends, In my last blogpost, I talked about my love for Mono. While browsing their site, my curiousity was triggered and so I came up with the idea to do a Q&A with Tracy, owner of Mono, to get answers to all my questions. Get yourself a cup of tea and get cosy, it’s…