New things I’ve been loving lately

Ever since starting my ‘green beauty journey’ I’ve tried so many brands and products. I feel like after trying so much, I finally know which brands I like and what products attract me the most. Yet sometimes… new products can still surprise me! First let me introduce you to Wild Grace, a plant-based skincare brand…

The little joys of using Rachel’s plan bee

Have I ever told you about Rachel’s Plan Bee products? Probably not, and that’s a shame because I’ve been using her products for years! See, I always talk about skincare but when it comes to bodycare, I often forget to share what I love. So todays post is all about the brand I love so…

My summer skincare essentials

Summer is my favorite season and although I usually don’t use specific skincare products for the different seasons, I did discover some pretty amazing products this year! My skincare routine has been so much fun since I added in a few new bits and bobs and I really wanted to share them with you! As…

A pampering session with Inner Senses

Today I’m sharing with you a luxury pampering session inclulding one of the most beautiful and pure brands I’ve come across, Inner Senses. Inner Senses is a multi award-winning British artisan brand of Organic Beauty and Wellbeing products, aromatherapy based, with a holistic approach and apothecary traditions. Inner Senses was founded by Lisa Basso, a…

Q&A with Mono

Hi friends, In my last blogpost, I talked about my love for Mono. While browsing their site, my curiousity was triggered and so I came up with the idea to do a Q&A with Tracy, owner of Mono, to get answers to all my questions. Get yourself a cup of tea and get cosy, it’s…

Mono natural oils, much more than skincare

Hi friends! Today I want to talk about a brand very close to my heart, Mono. Mono is a modern botanical apothecary created by Tracy and Kevin in England. All Mono products are inspired by nature, ago-old beauty wisdom and herbal traditions. Each product is created to nourish and protect the skin but also to…

A look into Lime and Lilac

Whenever I see a fellow green beauty enthusiast launching his/her own products, I always squeel inside from excitement. It’s simply fantastic to see their passion for skincare being transformed into a beautiful new journey! That’s also the case for Lisa, founder of the small handmade brand ‘Lime&Lilac’. Lisa is a self confessed beauty enthusiast in…

Serum love; my perfect trio

I’ve never really been into product layering but that changed when my skin suddenly got drier with the change of weather. The start of Fall came with an increase of dryness of my skin which resulted in a lot of angry dry and red patches. Green Soul cosmetics kindly sent some products for me to try and these serums have worked incredibly well to bring back moisture and hydration! Let me share more about this trio with you!

Namari skincare

I am beyond ecstatic to introduce you to one of my most favorite skincare brands ever, Namari. This Swiss brand has quickly stolen my heart and I believe it needs much more hype and love! Namari is a brand that truly resonates with me on all levels and it makes selfcare so pleasant and luxurious. I could say Namari is not just skincare, it’s a ritual and experience.

Ayuna | Less is beauty

Hi friends! You might know I have a weak spot for luxury skincare and I’m very passionate about exploring new techniques, formulas and visions. Today I’m here to tell you more about a brand that blew me off my feet, Ayuna! Because this brand is so unique and different, I included a Q&A with the brand founders, Isabel and Begoña.

Secret du dragon collection by Okoko Cosmetiques

It was a few years ago that I accidentally stumbled upon this unknown brand, Okoko Cosmetiques. I was browsing a at the time new Belgian webshop and saw this brand I hadn’t heard of before. Looking at the ingredients lists I was quickly mesmerized and ordered the La Boue de beauté mask (gentle brightening mask) and the L’Elixir de Clarté (radiance elixir). Two years later Boue de beauté is still a favorite mask of mine so when Okoko asked me if I wanted to try their newest released Secret du dragon products, it was a no-brainer since both were already waiting in my shopping bag to be purchased by myself. I was awaiting some review first so I’m very happy and honored to be the one giving my review to you!

Mångata by Holistic Green Beauty

If you read my blog for a while, you know I have so much love for Holistic Green beauty, a natural skincare brand created by Danny and Scott who both suffer from skin conditions. Their quest to find the perfect product and their mutual interest and passion for skincare lead to them to the creation of their very own brand a few years ago. In my blogpost ‘battle of the cleansing balms’ their Chocolate cleansing balm came out to be the star of the show and to this date, it’s still the best cleansing balm I’ve ever used.