How to clean your makeup brushes

Cleansing your makeup brushes, how do you actually do that? It sounds so simple but there are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to expand the life of your brushes.

To keep bacteria from growing, I wash my brushes every two weeks. Keep in mind that I don’t wear makeup that often so if you use makeup on a daily basis, you might want to wash them once a week.

A few years ago I only ‘washed’ my brushes with the Mac Brush cleanser. This was great for spot cleaning but it didn’t clean my brushes thoroughly. Now I don’t use that technique anymore and I only give my brushes the best of the best. Let’s see how I do that:

  • Take some warm water in a bowl
  • Wet your brushes (only the hair)
  • Then I apply some  Dr.Bronners Pure Castile soap on the brush and start swirling it around on the palm of my hand. I wash it thouroughly with some clean water untill all the soap has been removed
  • If the brush is still dirty, repeat this step
  • Make sure to squeeze out the water gently
  • Then I put them on a towel to dry but make sure that the hairs of the brush lie lower than the handle. You don’t want the glue to dissolve so this is very important! (see the picture below how I do that)
  • I put the brushes somewhere warm so that they dry faster




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