May Lindstrom Skin review


Picture taken by @Maylindstromskin

Natural luxurious skincare, that is what May Lindstrom Skin is all about. Skincare doesn’t have to be an obligation, it’s supposed to be a moment to relax and to think only about yourself for one.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll have seen that May’s products have been featured a lot of times. May’s collection consists of 7 unique products, 6 are for facial care and only one product can be used all over your body.


The collection

  • The Honey Mud  cleanser and mask
    What a delicious product this is! This amazing mud contains some of my favorite ingredients like Raw Honey, White Halloysite Clay, Cocoa oil and Colloidal Silver (+ so honey mudmany more). I especially like to use the Honey Mud as a mask as I get the most benefits when using it this way. This mask purifies the skin but is also a great moisturizer due to the oils and honey that it contains. I use this mask once a week and apply a thick layer for about one hour. When I take it off, my skin is very glowy, well hydrated but also calmed and purified. If you’re a chocholate lover, give this mask a try because the scent is really breathtaking.
  • The Clean Dirt– cleanser, exfoliant and mask
    This is quite a special product! The Clean Dirt has a powder formula that you should active with some water. I prefer using this product as a manual exfoliant, as it quite clean dirt
    strong and very effective. If you happen to have very sensitive skin, try mixing it with coconut oil instead of water, that way it’s a lot gentler to the skin. The Clean Dirt can also be used as a clarifying mask and can be mixed with the Honey Mud. I really love the powdery formula as I can choose what to mix it with and how strong I’d like it to be.
  • The Problem Solver clarifying mask
    This might be my least favorite product of the bunch, that doesn’t mean it is bad, it’s just not suited for my skin type. The Problem Solver is in intense black clay mask that also has a powdery formula. When you mix it with water the mask transforms into a
    mousse that is very easy to spread out onto the skin. The mask hardens after about 40 problem solverminutes and gets rid of all the excessive oils and dirt that has accumulated on your skin. What I don’t like about this mask is that it tingles quite a lot (because it increases blood circulation) and it leaved my skin a little red. If you suffer from acne and your skin is not too sensitive, I’d suggest you get a sample somewhere because I’m sure that oily to acne prone skins would really benefit from this mask.
  • The Jasmine Garden– toner
    However I thought that this would be my least favorite product, it turned out to be the one that I have bought over and over again. This toner has a spritzer so it is perfect to mist your face prior to applying an oil to your face. It really helps the oil to spread out easily and to penetrate deeper into the skin. The scent is also amazing, just as all May’s products are.
  • The Youth Dew– facial serum
    Aw May, why? Just why?! This amazing oil has transformed my skin like nothing else! This oil is very expensive but you only need the tiniest amount to thoroughly hydrate your face. The 20 different plant and botanical oils work together to hydrate, strengthen and calm down the skin.
  • The Blue Cocoon– rich compact oil
    Especially in winter times, this balm is a life saver. The chocolate scent makes you want to eat the whole pot, but let’s be honest, it’s a hefty price tag to eat… This balm is blue blue cocoon
    due to the Blue Tansy that is meant to calm your skin and nourish it to the deepest. I love to apply this on top of the Youth Dew just to get that extra protection. Because it is very oily, I only apply it at night. Whenever I get a rough dry patch, a breakout or if I suffer from redness, I always grab this tube of gold.collections-03

De producten zijn te koop bij bazar-bio.


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