Rainpharma skincare review

For about two years now I’ve been obsessed with a Belgian skincare brand ….Rainpharma!

100% plant-based and made in Belgium, doesn’t that sound amazing?


“RainPharma is made in Belgium. Both the production and the development of products is carried out in Belgium by a multidisciplinary team of top experts. We are not interested in hocus-pocus ingredients and exaggerated claims, and we keep our products affordable without compromising quality or efficiency.”

Rainpharma does have its own skincare and body care range, nutritional supplements and also rainshakes. I’ve only tried their skincare range and some product for the body which I all seriously love. Keep in mind that the products that I review have recently been changed regarding their texture and also packaging. But I’m sure their products are now even better than they were before.

What I really like about the skincare system is that it is super easy to use! Even if you’re just new to using a cleanser, toner, serum, … and you don’t know which step goes first, Rainpharma has it all figured out to make life easier for you.

The skincare range is ranged by A/B/C/… so you start with step A, and end with G (although you don’t have to do all the steps that they recommend).

  • A: Advanced Precleanser: This is the first and probably the best step in the Rainpharma skincare program. The Advanced Precleanser is a gel that transforms into an oil upon contact with the skin. The oil is very powerful at removing makeup and but is also very gentle for daily cleansing. After massaging the oil onto dry skin for a while, you see the makeup and dirt melting away. Next you add some water so that the oil changes into a milky texture. Then you rinse it off and I can honestly say that I have never experienced any oily residue or any dryness to my face.
    * The cleanser now comes in a tube and the formula has changed a bit.
  • B: Brightening Face Scrub: This one is equally amazing! Because I suffer from sensitive skin, it can be quite tricky to find an effective but still gentle exfoliant. This scrub contains jojoba oil spheres that carefully smooth the skin and almond and grape seed oils that leave the skin soft and supple. The Brightening Face Scrub leaves my skin looking radiant and hydrated and I guarantee you that it is not red or damaged whatsoever.
  • C: Comforting Clay Mask: This Clay mask is the gentlest yet most effective one I have found yet. While it draws out impurities, it is still very hydrating and keeps redness away. Whenever I have a red spot or when I notice a pimple is coming its way, I grab for this little gem. It immediately calms down my skin and the great thing is that you can’t see the mask when it is dry. This mask contains some amazing ingredients like: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed, Shea butter, camomile and aloe.
  • D: Dedicated Face Wash: This might be my least favorite product of them all. I got a sample of this and while it is great at removing makeup, I find it to be too drying on my skin. This cleanser is very different from the Advanced precleanser. While the Advanced Precleanser is meant to be used on dry skin, this cleanser does need water to be activated. This cleanser also has a gentle lather which might be the reason I don’t really like it that much.
  • E: Elimentary Toning Mist: This facial toner (water-free) has been my favorite for a very long time. It contains rose water that tones and relaxes the skin, while cucumber cleanses pores and cools. Because I like to use facial oils, I need tomething to spray on my face before applying the oil. That way the oil spreads out more easily and sinks in a lot better. I also really like to use this after applying makeup, just to give my skin that luminosity back and to take away the powdery finish.
  • F: Faithful Serum: I haven’t tried this one.
  • G: Gorgeous Face Fluid/Cream/Balm: Rainpharma offers 3 creams for every skintype. Because I have combination skin, I got the Face Fluid. As the name suggest, this products is very runny and spreads out easily on the skin. It really helped at keeping breakouts away but for me, it didn’t give enough moisture to my skin.
    * This products has been changes recently and is now called the ‘Faithful Face Guard’. It’s a serum, eye cream, day and night cream all in one!

I’ve been using these products for a while now and have really noticed a difference. My skin is less sensitive and I don’t get those nasty breakouts anymore.

Beacause most of the products have changed, I have to visit the Rainpharma store in Antwerp soon to learn more about them and to test them out. Especially the new ‘Balming Face Polish’ caught my eye and I over the moon excited to give this one a try!

Find more information at: www.rainpharma.com



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