Favorite webshops for ‘green beauty addicts’

In Belgium it’s not so easy to find good natural skincare. Except from some bioshops there are no options whatsoever so I’m ‘obliged’ to shop online. This is not so easy because how do you know what foundation shade you are or how do you know if a product has the right consistency? Luckily some of the mentioned webshops do sell sample kits so that you can try before you buy. Most of the time, when you decide to buy one of these products you sampled, you will get your money back.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the webshops where you can buy natural products! There are many others but these are just the ones that I’ve personally tried out and that I’m very happy with. Also, all of the mentionned delivery times and costs are for belgian customers only. 

Bazar Bio (FR)logoThis was the first webshop where I bought my products from *happy dance* and where I probably have bought the most from since. I remember the first time that I saw this shop, it was like I fell in love over and over again. Brands like Kjaer Weis, May Lindstrom Skin really made my heart skip a beat! I had heard so much good things about these brand but I had no idea that they were available in Belgium. Bazar Bio caries some of the most luxurious and exclusive brands such as May Lindstrom, Gressa Skin, Kjaer Weis, RMS Beauty, … I warn you, this shop is seriously addictive!  


  • Very exclusive brands
  • Free delivery on orders above €69, otherwise you pay €1,5
  • All products are natural and safe
  • You get a €10 discount each time you accumulate 2500 point
  • You get to buy a sample pack


  • The delivery to Belgium takes about 4 to 5 days.


So natural beauty (BE): This is another webshop that I’m super excited about. As this is a Belgian webshop, delivery is extremely quick and their range of brands is also amazing!  Josh Rosebrook, Laurel, Jaqueline Evans, AS.AP and Treat are just some of the amazing brands that they carry. And by the way: Letizia, the owner of this shop, is such a sweetheart! You can ask her advice and she’ll help you as much as she can to find the right products for your skintype.


  • Gorgeous packaging, each product is wrapped as a gift
  • You can aks for specific samples (which are really generous)
  • Next day delivery
  • New brands keep coming, so keep an eye open!
  • Free delivery on orders above €50


Oh My Cream (FR): Known as THE webshop with the many samples. Since I’m a huge sample freak, I just had to buy logo-omc-baselinesomething from this shop! Oh My Cream offers both natural as conventional brands. Some of my faves are Rahua, One Love Organics, Soapwalla, Pai, Sunday Riley,…


  • You get at least 5 luxurious samples with each order
  • Consultations through mail
  • They have a store in Paris
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Free delivery on order above €100, otherwise you pay €8


  • You can’t ask for specific samples


Amazingy (DE): This is a shop that I’ve only discovered recently. They have such a large scale of brands including some that are not that well available yet Ilia,  Yüli, Mun, Green love, … What I Amazingy_less_bright_head_word_tagline_logoreally like about this shop is they also sell handbags, tea, books and candles which you don’t usually come across that often.


  • None of the products are tested on animals
  • They plant a tree for each order
  • Amazingy supports some charity projects all over the world
  • Delivery within 2 days (in Belgium)
  • 10% discount when you subscribe to their newsletter
  • Each product has some customer reviews
  • Take a look at their blog, it is seriously amazing(y)
  • Free delivery on orders above €85, otherwise you pay €7,95


  • Very tiny samples (but you can ask for specific samples which they will make for you)


Reina Organics (NL): My most recent (and best) discovery is Reina Organics. Seriously, the brands that you can find here are out of this world amazing! Indie Lee, Josh Rosebrook, La Bella Figura, Mahalo Care en W3ll People are just a few of the amazing brands that you can find here. What I really love about this shop is that Rayna does everything herself so you kind of get to bond with her and really want to support her dream.


  • Amazing packaging, it feels like Christmas every time an order arrives!
  • You can aks for specific samples (which are really generous)
  • Next day delivery
  • Worldwide delivery
  • New brands keep coming, so keep an eye open!
  • Free delivery on orders above €145, otherwise you pay, €8,95



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