How to start using natural makeup?

So you decided to live a ‘healthier’ life? That’s great news! But do you know how to make the best transition? If not, please let me help you.

How it all started for me

The more I read about all those nasty chemicals, the more certain I got to go all the way natural! I tossed out most of my makeup and skincare and decided to start all over again. You did read it right, ‘most of my makeup and skincare’, not all of it! It is very important to do it in steps and to change one product at a time. This will  make it more pleasant using your new products and you get to learn to ‘read your body’. Maybe you don’t react well to a certain ingredient (f.e. baking soda), then you know to make sure that ingredient won’t be in any other products you decide to buy.

Going natural was quite a difficult transition for me because I had never heard of most of these natural brands. Also, in Belgium we don’t really have any stores that sell natural brands so I couldn’t test anything out before buying.

After watching a Youtube movie from eppcoline , I came across the webshop bazar-bio. My heart skipped a beat as I saw some brands that had been on my wishlist for the longest time. Brands like Kjaer Weis, May Lindstrom Skin, and Gressa Skin were some of them that had really caught my eye and these were the brands that I started with.

Now…How do you start?

As I said before, don’t start throwing everything you own away. This will make it a very expensive transition but it will also be too difficult. Start to change the products that you use on a daily base. For me those were mascara, blush, foundation, lipstick and eye shadow. If you know which brands you’d like to buy and from which website, ASK SAMPLES! Most webshops sell sample packs and you can ask to get specific colors or brands. If you really don’t know what you want, ask them for help and I’m sure they’ll help you out.

Also keep in mind that natural products might be totally different from the ones you’ve previously used. They most likely won’t have that pleasant scent, won’t have that sticky silicone base  and won’t foam up as much as you’re used to. Give the products a chance and don’t start with a negative mind…

My first product and recommendations

The first thing I bought was a foundation. I chose to get the RMS Un-cover up as it can be used both as a concealer and as a foundation. The color is also quite adaptable so I couldn’t really go wrong with that. This foundation is very creamy and gives a light coverage. I especially like this one to cover blemishes as it can be built up to a medium coverage. Recently I discover the brand Gressa Skin. Their Corrective Serum Foundation is one of my favorites and is amazing if you like liquid foundations.

Next I chose to go for a creamy blush. I got the Kjaer Weis blush in the color Desired glow which doubles up as a bronzer/contour. This brand is quite expensive I must admit but you can buy the refills separately and put them in a Z-palette, this will really save you a lot of money. This blush is very creamy and you only need the tiniest amount. That’s the advantage with most natural products, even though they are expensive, you only need the smallest amount.

Then eye shadow and mascara, two things I wear daily. I got the Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in Wisdom and the RMS Beauty mascara (voluminous). Wisdom is a purple shade that will suit everyone. It is very neutral but can also be used to create a smokey eye look. The mascara is also the best I have yet tried and is especially great if you have short eyelashes.

The last product was not necessary for me but I was just so curious! As a lipstick I got the Kjaer Weis one in the color Sensuous Plum. This color is like a tinted lipbalm and can be layered to get a more heave purple look.

image1 (3)

These are the 5 products that I started with and that I would recommend everyone to try. They are very safe and neutral choices that you just can’t go wrong with. Follow the method ‘one in, one out’ and you will get a ‘safer’ makeup bag in time. If you’d like to know where I get my products from, please take a look at the blogpost about my favorite webshops.


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