Gressa review | Foundation, Lumière & Lip Boost

Ever since I strolled into the world of green beauty, I had heard nothing but great things about Gressa Skin. About a year ago my favorite green webshop Bazar Bio started selling Gressa so I HAD to try some products out! I got the Minimalist foundation and the Lip Boost in Regal and was immediately blown away. Because I’ve been loving these product for some months now, I thought it was only fair to tell you something more about these little gems.

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Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation – °01

Gressa’s foundation is unlike anything I’ve ever put on my skin and I LOVE IT! It was the first natural foundation I bought when going ‘green’ so I wanted it be a damn good one (and a damn good one it is)!

First impressions: When I first opened up the black dropper bottle I must admit that I was a little skeptical. The consistency is extremely runny so I thought it wouldn’t give me much coverage at all. But I was wrong, very wrong! This foundation spreads out like a lightweight oil but provides a medium coverage at the same time. The dropper is also very convenient as you can apply just the right amount. Just be careful not to tip the bottle (just as I did) as you’ll spill everything.

Ingredients: Applying Gressa’s foundation is not only piling on makeup, it’s also taking good care of your skin. This product is jam-packed with the most precious and healing ingredients like Broccoli Seed Oil (anti-age and protection), Neem Extract (acné), Sea Buckthorn Extract (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory),… I’ve really noticed a difference when removing the foundation, my skin looks brighter and is less inflamed.

Application: You have to shake the bottle very well prior to using it as the oils have to mix in with the minerals. When mixed well, I apply one drop to each cheek and blend it out quickly with my Real Techniques Buffing brush. Then I take one more drop and apply it anywhere I suffer from redness and blend it in with my fingers. When you blend it with fingers, you can easily build up the coverage. The foundation dries down very quickly on the skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue. The only negative thing I have found is that you have to be careful if you have any dry patches as the minerals tend to cling onto them. To prevent this I prep my skin with the Mahalo Care Rare Indigo Balm which acts as a primer and I make sure to exfoliate twice a week with the Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator. Because I can experience some creasing under my eyes, I set the undereye area with the W3LL People bio brightener invisible powder.

Finish: This is a serum to powder foundation with a medium coverage that applies so easily and looks very natural on the skin. I’m the person that loves to wear makeup, but I don’t want people to notice it. This foundation has a mat powdery finish but looks a bit more dewy during the end of the day.

Color reference (see swatches below): I use shade °1 in this foundation which is the exact shade of my skin (pale with yellow undertones). I also use the following foundations which have a similar color:

  • RMS “Un” cover-up  – shade °11 
  • Hiro Space Balm – shade °8 (slightly darker)
  • Kjaer Weis foundation – shade ‘like porcelain’ (a bit more orange)

Lumière – Amelia

Meet the latest addition to the Gressa family. Lumière is a gorgeous serum pigment that can be used on the cheeks, the eyes and the lips. Amelia is a bright orange with a slight pearlescent finish and a hint of shimmer. If you prefer hot pink, they also have a shade called Elise.

First impressions: I got a sample of this product and was immediately blown away. The color looked so beautiful and the little sample lasted me about 2 weeks.

Ingredients: As with all Gressa products, you don’t have to be afraid to put anything toxic or damaging onto your face. Lumière contains some very healing oils such as Castor seed Oil (treats skin diseases), Broccoli Seed Oil (anti-age and protection) , Rosehip Oil (acné), Sea Buckthorn Extract (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), … and many more.

Application: The first few times I had some problems applying this blush. It dried down so quickly that I didn’t have enough time to blend it out and I was left with some blotchy patches. But…I have found a great trick that helps to blend everything in seamlessly. To apply I dampen my Real Techniques contour brush and add the tiniest dollop of Lumière onto my brush. Then I stipple it onto my cheeks and blend it out with a Beautyblender.

Finish (see swatches below): This product has an exceptional pigmentation but you can go from sheer to a more opaque coverage. I prefer to keep the coverage sheer and use this product to create that ‘no makeup makeup look’. It’s my favorite product to use when I’m in a rush as I don’t need to add a highlighter afterwards (that glow though!) and I also apply a bit onto my eyes and lips.

Lip Boost – Regal

First impressions: The Gressa Lip Boosts are a light, non-sticky lipstick that are very moisturizing. As I said before, this product was one of the first Gressa products I had ever bought and I had no idea what to expect. The color Regal is perfect for me and it’s that ‘my lips but better shade’ which can be layered to create a more intense look.

Ingredients: The Lip Boosts contains some very nourshing oils and butters such as Castor Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, …

Application: While I really love the color (a reddish brown) I don’t like the way this lipstick applies. The texture is very thick and very hard to spread out evenly. I don’t know if I got a bad batch but the samples I got (Brilliant and Jolie) are much softer and easier to spread out. While applying the lipstick with my fingers (the warmth would melt the lipstick a bit) would be the easiest, I prefer to apply it with a brush to build up the coverage.

Finish (see swatches below): As I mentionned before, the Gressa Lip Boosts are very light and non-sticky. The finish is quite glossy (see the swatches below) and the lipsticks hydrate really well. For a lipgloss I do prefer the shade Brilliant which is a pale nude that gives a nice sheen to the lips. I also find that this shade adds  a bit more moisture and last longer than the coloured ones.

Swatch: Regal (top) and Jolie (bottom)

I’m obviously in love with the foundation and the Lumière which I both use nearly everyday! If you’re looking for a few new products, I’d really recommend you to try these out. If you’re not sure which foundation color to get, you can send an e-mail to with a picture of your face in natural day light and they will let you know which color would suit you best. Their customer service is really impeccable!

gresse swatches 2
From left to right: Minimalist foundation in shade°1, Lip Boost in Regal, Lumière in Amelia

Great news: I heard that Gressa will introduce some eye tints in the near future and I can’t wait to try them out! If you have any questions about the products I reviewed, please comment below or send me an e-mail.

Lots of love,

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