The magic of scents

It’s so magical how a single scent can change your mood. I discovered a few perfumes that instantly take me to summer and that make me feel so happy. The journey to find an all-natural perfume hasn’t been too easy for me as we don’t have any stores here in Belgium that I could go to and just try them out on my skin. I had to ask several (let’s say a lot!) samples from different webshops and still, it wasn’t easy to find something that really wowed me. Most all-natural / organic perfumes are very woodsy and contain a lot of herbs…but that is not exactly what my little nose tends to like. Over the past few months I did actually manage to find some perfumes that I really do like and I’d love to share them with you.

Honoré de Pres – Love Coco

This was the first scent I fell in love with. I do love coconuts, always have and always will, so this perfume was a match made in heaven. It’s very sweet but fresh at the same time and it is actually more appropriate to use on hot summer days.

This perfume has a strong coconut scent with a spicy touch of coriander, feno.11024el, tonka bean, vanilla bourbon and white cedar. It’s subtle, sensual and especially very exotic, it instantly takes your mind to a tropical Hawaiian beach!

Also the packaging of this perfume is so cute! The perfume is wrapped in its typical new-york coffee cup and brown paper bag.

Oneself Organics – The Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume oil


I’ve already written so much about this little pot of gold and I can’t seem to stop spreading the love! This scent is very floral and a bit sweet due to the coconut oil. Even though I usually don’t like flowery perfumes, this one is quite different. It contains only a few ingredients such as Hawaiian Gardenia, Frangipani, Tuberose and coconut oil. It is sweet but not too sweet, flowery but not over the top. It’s just perfect for me and the lasting power is incredible. If you’ve never used an organic perfume before, make this your first as I’m sure you’ll fall madly in love.

Mahalo Care – Vacation glow

This potion is gold, seriously liquid gold that smells just like heaven. The Vacation Glow is not marketed as perfume but it’s a decadent and luxurious elixir for body and hair. The smell is quite strong and lingers for a long time, so I apply it in the morning and it smells just as if I used a perfume. To 972ea89b5848c3ac6aa5b95cd8fc9b84apply I take a little bit of the oil and massage it onto damp skin, on my arms and legs.

I can’t really explain the scent as it’s so delicate and it smells different everytime I use it, so I’ll just copy Mahalo’s description:

Aroma: tenacious, intoxicating floral with deep richness and a somewhat musky undertone. Beautiful depth and character with a soft spice-like background notes. Warm and gentle sandalwood, sweet and refined geranium and jasmine create a base for a long-lasting aroma.

Why is it called Vacation Glow? Because it’s liquid sunshine in a bottle! The oil has tiny specks of gold that give your skin that sunkissed glow and the scent lasts for hours. This elixir also deeply nourishes the skin and my skin is sooo super soft after each usage!


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