Little miracle workers

We all have those products that we grab for when our skin is freeking out. At least I do and I have been loyal to them for years. I’d love to share with you some products that really make a difference and that I can trust, even when my skin is at its worst. Products that I can recommend to everyone and that I’m sure of they will treat you and your skin right.

May Lindstrom Skin – The Blue Cocoon

This potent balm is the one I trust with all my heart. It’s what I use whenever I suffer from redness or have an allergic reaction. The Blue Tansy oil in this balm immediately calms my skin down and takes away any redness. The Blue Cocoon is also very nourishing and moisurizing and sinks in right away when I apply it on damp skin. Even though this balm is super duper expensive, I don’t see myself living without it ever again.

A little TMI: During winter I suffer from winter toes and they won’t stop itching (I hate it!). Then one day I thought, “if it calms down my face, why not my toes?” And there I found my problem solver, no more itching, no more pain. I kinda feel bad rubbing a €170 balm on my toes, but hey if you’ve suffered from winter toes, you’ll know you’d even rub gold on it if it’d work.

50 ml – €172 Bazar Bio (FR) or Amazingy (DE)

Yüli – Halcyon

This was a product I never thought I’d love as much as I do. I have been using oil cleansers for several years now and foaming cleansers were a big no-no. They dried my skin out, stinged my eyes and caused irritations as the foaming agents were way too strong. But then I read some raving reviews about Halcyon and it made me very curious so I decided to give it a try and see if it really was a ‘miracle product’. And yes, it was love at first sight, we’re having a love-affair ever since this babe came into my life. This cleanser is so gentle but extremely effective at the same time. I’ve had little bumps on my cheecks for as long as I can remember and since I started to use this product, they have slowly dissapeared. This is all I use to clean my face with when I don’t wear any makeup and I LOVE it!

100 ml – €62 at Bazar Bio (FR) or Amazingy (DE) 

Argentyn 23 – First Aid gel

I think my family has been using this product ever since I was about 12 years old. It’s the one product we use whenever we have a bruise, a wound, a sunburn or any other skin issue. The silver gel calms the skin down immediately and makes sure it heals faster. Colloidal silver has been found to be both a preventative and a remedy for infections.

We also have silver hydrosol (Argentum Metallicum) at home which I take internally whenever I’m feeling ill. I also add this to any toner as it is a natural antibiotic that fight blemishes.

29 ml – €23,55 at Energetica Natura (BE)




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