Favorites 01 | spring

You may have noticed that I don’t write a favorites post every month as I don’t have that much products and tend to use the same for a couple of months. So I’d basically be raving about the same products every month and let’s be honest that would be totally boring. So from now on, I’ll upload a favorites post every 3 months, hope you enjoy!


W3LL People Narcissist foundation stick °03

This is the most recent and most exciting addition to my makeup bag. I’ve been loving the Gressa foundation the last couple of months but during winter this foundation clings onto dry patches and I wanted a more dewy finish. The Narcissist foundation is just the perfect solution for that. It’s very creamy, offers a light to medium coverage and gives the perfect dewy finish. I prep my skin with the Jane Iredale Dream tint and then apply the foundation stick on places where I need some extra coverage. I also use this as a concealer under my eyes and it doesn’t crease that much at all. To set my foundation I use the W3LL People Bio Brightening powder.

11 gr – €40 at Reina Organics

Nudus liptick – Bitter Sweet

Nudus Lipstick in Bitter Sweet is a burnt orange with a semi-matte finish. If you’re looking for a neutral red with orange undertones, this is the lippie to go for! I have very small lips and reds can easily be too much for me but this color is just perfect and it is so flattering on my skintone. This lipstick goes on very easily and stays on for a couple of hours. This lipstick will be well loved during summer as it gives a nice ‘pop of color’ without being over the top.

4 gr – €34 at Reina Organics


Holistic Green Beauty Chocolate cleansing balm

For taking of my makeup I’ve been really enjoying this Chocolate Cleansing Balm. As soon as I heard ‘chocolate’ I was sold and needed to get it! I massage a bit on dry skin (also on my eyes) and take it all off with a dry washcloth. It’s incredible to see how effective this is at breaking down my foundation, mascara, eyeliner, … in just one swipe. Then I repeat this step one more time and rinse it off with lukewarm water. To make sure all the oils and makeup have been removed, I use a gel cleanser like the Yüli Halcyon one

The Chocolate Cleansing Balm contains Green Tea, Açaí Berry, Rosehip, Cacao Extract, Calendula, Copaiba,… All very rich in antioxidants and thus this product serves as a great facial mask as wel. Once a week I keep the balm on for about 15 minutes and let the powderful ingredients do their work. The result is decongested an wel hydrated skin.

100 ml – €61 at Holistic Green Beauty

Yüli Halcyon

This is the cleanser I will always use, it’s just the best an it is sooo gentle. This is the first cleanser I have found that doesn’t strip my skin and that actually does something! I use this as a morning cleanser and as a second cleanse when I’m wearing makeup. It’s the best, I promise! Read more here.

100 ml – €62 at Amazingy

Laurel Facial Balm Transform Daily

If you’ve read my last blogpost (click here) you know I fell in love with Laurel and especially with their balm. It’s the best I’ve tried yet and I haven’t stopped using it since the day I got it. The texture is super creamy and feels like a thick cream. The balm also sinks in right away and doesn’t leave any oily residue. If you have oily/combination skin and you are looking for a balm, this is the one product I’d really suggest you to try.

30 ml – €85 at So Natural Beauty



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