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Recently I came across a magical line of skincare products handcrafted in Hawaii. The bamboo jars immediately caught my eye and who doesn’t get dreamy hearing the words ‘Hawaii’, ‘organic’ and ‘handcrafted’?  While I was thinking about getting the recently released Rare Indigo balm, Mahalo launched a Discovery Kit around Christmas. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to try all the products without paying the hefty pricetag. I think the discovery kit costed me $100 and another $28 for shipping to Belgium. That’s still quite a lot but I guarantee that even the samples last a lifetime and are totally worth the splurge.

The product I had already tried was the legit Mahalo Balm. I got a sample from it that lasted me about a week, just image how long a full jar would last! The scent of this balm is very strong, maybe a bit too strong for my taste but after a while you get used to it. This balm can be used on the face, body and even a bit on the hair just before washing. This potent balm contains anti-inflammatory Turmeric, sebum-balancing Macadamia oil and repairing Tamanu oil. This balm feels a lot like the Laurel Balm I keep raving about but it’s a tiny bit oilier. Although this balm contains quite a lot of essential oils, I have no problems using it around my eye area instead of an eye cream.

The product I was most excited about and which was the reason why I bought the sample kit was the Rare Indigo Balm. This is a soothing renewal treatment that contains 29 high-performance ingredients. Once you open up the jar the first things you notice is the purple color and the incredible sweet and floral scent. The purple color comes from the rare extract of the indigo plant which is supposed to be anti-inflammatory and skin renewing. This balm is very different from things I’ve used before and it’s a true pleasure to use it every day again, a little goes a loooong way. In comparison to the Mahalo Balm, this one feels more like a serum and is less oily. This is really a luxurious treat and you’ll find yourself sniffing the bottle every time you see it.

Then there is the famous Vitality Elixir, a facial serum to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. This serum is especially great for very sensitive skintypes as there are no to few essential oils in this serum. While Mahalo recommends to apply this oil on top of one of their balms, to me that feels a bit wrong. I always apply my serum/oil and where I need some extra TLC, I’ll apply some balm. Many people complain about the ‘sour’ scent but I don’t find that it bothers me that much as the scent dissapears quite quickly. While this is a nice serum on its own, I prefer to mix it in with the Laurel Blemish Treatment. This is the perfect combination to combat breakouts.

My personal favorite is the Vacation Glow, a body and hair oil that smells delicious. Opening up the bottle really feels like breathing in the scent of the most heavenly holiday you’ve ever been to! This oil has some finelly grounded gold particles to give your skin that ‘i’ve just been on a holiday’ glow, which is something I really appreciate. While I personally don’t like Jasmine EO, this scent is seriously addicting to me. I even use it as a perfume because the scent lingers for quite some time.

Then I tried the Pele Mask with volcanic ash and cayenne. This black mask is meant to oxygenize, detoxify, tighten and brighten the skin. This mask needs to be activated with water so that it transforms into a soft mousse. This was the only product I didn’t like because upon first application I experienced a lot of tingling and my skin was very red afterwards. I can see this being very effective for people with breakouts or decongested skin but for my sensitive skin it’s just too intense.

Last but not least is latest Mahalo release, the Petal mask. This is a gentle beta-hydroxy treatment mask that is formulated to provide deep hydration and improved texture for a glowing, plump complexion. The texture of this mask is very jelly-like and easy to apply. The mask doesn’t dry up completely but also doesn’t leave your skin dripping wet and sticky. It’s the perfect everyday product and it is also ideal to mix in with clearing masks like the Pele mask. The scent of this mask is very floral (roses) and sweet so if you’re sensitive to scents you might want to try a sample first as this mask is quite heavily fragranced. I personally really adore the rose scent but I know that for some people it’s too much.

In Europa Mahalo is available at the following webshops:
Reina Organics
Bazar Bio
Sonatural beauty

Now I’m curious to hear, what are your favorite Mahalo products?

Picture by Mahalo Care

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