Face masks I heart

We all know face masks can do wonders for our skin and there is something magical about the whole ritual. Masks can add some extra moisture or they can thoroughly detox the skin to create that ‘healthy glow’. I must admit that I’m quite picky when it comes to facemasks and it’s hard to see if it has made any difference on my skin. I’d love to share with you the masks I do like and that I would repurchase over and over again. 

Hydrating masks

La Bella Figura – Bio-active healing manuka mask

This mask works as an energetic and reparative remedy for skin seeking moisture, balance and healing with high levels of active (yes, they are very active!) ingredients, which promote a healthy complexion. This mask is straight up jam that smells devine and works miracles on the skin, especially when being dry or sensitive. As the name suggests, this mask contains precious Manuka Honey, as well as Aronia powder, Kaolin Clay, Barbary Fig seed oil, Curcuma,… All these ingredients are very nourishing and healing to the skin. Because of the little grains that this mask contains, it can also be used as a soft manual exfoliant. My skin is so plump, moisturized and radiant each time I use this bae!

60 ml – €72 at Reina Organics (NL)

May Lindstrom skin – The honey mud

What would be better than cleansing your face with a deliciously scented chocolate pudding? Nothing. Although this product is described as a cleansing silk, it can also be used as a hydrating face mask. The main ingredients in this product are Raw honey, white halloysite clay, macadamia nut oil, witch hazel and colloidal silver. So as you can see, this product contains some hydrating ingredients but also has some blemish-fighting properties to it. This was the first natural face mask I ever tried and it’s still my favorite of the bunch. The thing I love most about this product is the delicious sweet scent and the fact that it rinses off so easily! When I want to truly pamper my skin, I apply this mask 20 minutes before I hop into the shower and let the steam do its magic. The result is a decongested and radiant skintone. There is only one negative point, I get so hangry!

100 ml – €86 at Bazar-Bio (FR)

Tata Harper – Moisturizing mask

This is a rich overnight moisture mask treatment for dehydrated or stressed skin. A while ago I bought the Bazar Bio Christmas bag (a bag filled with some large sized samples) and this mask was part of the bag. I had tried some Tata Harper samples before but none of them had wowed me so I wasn’t too excited about this one. But hey, I got it so I’d better give it a try before judging a book by its cover. When I opened up the sample, I was immediately dissapointed because it has the texture of a light serum. But once I applied it I just HAD to change my mind and felt quite bad for thinking so negative about it. Although the texture is very runny, this mask feels like silk once applied onto the skin and it feels extremely moisturizing. As this product doesn’t sink in straight away, I prefer to use it as an overnight treatment which has actually worked wonders. I wake up with the most glowy and nourished skin ever and I’m seriously thinking of buying the full size (if only it wasn’t so expensive!).

50 ml – €110 at Bazar-bio (FR)

Detoxifying masks

I don’t really use detox masks or charcoal face masks as they tend to irritate and dry out my skin. So, I only have a couple of option that really work for me and that don’t make my skin red or inflamed.

Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator

While this product is actually an exfoliator, I like to use it as mask too. This is a manual exfoliator and ‘chemical’ (no don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any chemicals!!) peel in one and it’s so good at brightening the skin and tightening the pores. Potent plant, herb and fruit enzymes work in synergy to slough off dead skin cells while finely ground walnut shells gently renew the surface of your skin. After you’ve performed a manual peel, you leave the mask on for about 40 minutes to let the enzymes do its magic. I have pretty sensitive skin and was afraid to use this product but I’ve had no problems whatsoever. After using this peel I like to apply another product, the Cacao Antioxidant Mask by Josh R. to fully detoxify the skin. This is one of my favorite ways to start the weekend and to glow all week long.

45 ml – €72 at Reina Organics (NL) and Sonatural Beauty (BE)

Leahlani – Kalima cleanser

This is another product that is not marketed as a face mask but actually as a cleanser. Is it obvious I like to use my products multiple ways?

Kalima is a powder cleanser that contains coconut milk, oatmeal, tropical fruits, clays and vanilla beans. This powder needs to be activated with water and turns into a soft pink heavenly scented mousse. To use this product as a mask, I take one teaspoon of powder and mix it with equal amounts of water. I apply the product with a brush and let if sit for about 15 minutes. There is no tingling or tugging with this product which is something I really appreciate. When the mask is removed my skin feels super soft and radiant and the pink clay helps to detoxify the skin. If my skin feels a little dry or sensitive I mix the powder with some Manuka Honey so that the mask won’t dry up and the honey provides the extra moisture.

100 ml – €48 at Reina Organics (NL) and Sonatural Beauty (BE)




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