Leahlani skincare review


“Leahlani skincare is a mix of organic botanicals and clays, delicious tropical fruits and pure organic Hawaiian nectars blended in intimate, aloha-infused batches on the lush north shore of Kauai. From Leahs loving hands to yours. “

Ever since Leahlani relaunched her beautiful brand (and maybe even before that) I wanted to dive into the full collection. Since Leahlani is produced in Hawaii, I wanted to wait until it became available in Europe since customs hate me and charge me the double they usually do (do I order to much?). After waiting half a year and drooling over her instagram page, the moment came and a few European shops got to sell the wonderful line. Of course it didn’t take me long to wave my money goodbye and welcome a few new products to my bathroom shelf…

Meet the Mermaid Mask 

The first and most exciting product I got was the famous and cult favorite Mermaid mask. This pot of green Hawaiian goodness is meant to purify, cleanse and soften the skin gently. This superfood packed mask (includes raw honey, spirulina, chlorella, algae…) is honey based and so it applies easily when applied to damp skin. I let this mask do it’s magic for about half an hour and take it off with a warm washcloth. My skin is clearly less red and pores are purified. My skin is also radiant and in comparison to other clay based masks, this one doesn’t dry out my skin or make me red.

Meet Kalima 

This was my very first Leahlani product that I won during a giveaway. Kalima is an exotic cleansing powder that once activated with water, transforms into a soft pink mousse. Silken coconut milk, soothing oatmeal, vitamin and antioxidant rich tropical fruits, softening clays and organic vanilla beans come together to create the most exotic and best smelling cleansing powder ever made. The coconut scent is truly addictive and takes you to another world where you’re surrounded with palmtrees and sunny beaches. While this cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin at all, I prefer to use it once every two days to gently exfoliate the skin. I also leave it on for 5 minutes to help fade inflammation and pigmentation.

Meet the Bless Beauty balm 

This pink balm contains shea and cocoa butters as well as cold pressed beauty oils to nurture and bless your skin (and lips) for an unparalleled softness. The scent is a mixture of orange blossom, neroli and blue tansy which will calm your mind and uplift your spirit. This balm is free of water, wax and emulsifiers ensuring that every dollop is 100% potent. The balm melts instantly when it comes in contact with the skin, making the product very easy to apply and massage in. It’s very important to use the smallest amount because the product is very rich and can be too rich for oily/combination skin.
This product can also be used as a cleansing balm but when I use it that way, I can’t seem to remove the balm and I’m left with an oily resisidue. I do also like to use it on my dry elbows and on any irritated skin to soften.

Meet the Citrus & Citrine – regenerating toner 

This gentle toning mist is formulated for mature and oily skin types. Pure Hawaiian spring water is gently infused with organic aloe to help heal the skin along with a regenerating and skin brightening blend of essential oils such as neroli, orange and mandarin. Sugar cane and sugar maple help to promote a smoother complexion by increasing skin cell renewal. The spray on this toner is the best I’ve found yet, the mist is very fine and covers the whole face. While I don’t see any results using any toning mist, it’s a nice extra step in my routine and it makes oils sink in better and faster. The citrus scent is also very nice and uplifting, really recommend getting this.

Meet Honey love 3-in-1 

Hmmm…what a decadent and effective product this is! This is without a doubt my favorite Leahlani product. Honey Love is a transformational 3-in-1 cleanser, exfoliator and mask formulated to clarify, oxygenate, hydrate and balance the skin while stimulating cellular renewal. Stirring up the honey will active the corundom crystals, which will thoroughly exfoliate the skin without harming it. The scent of this cleanser/mask is very fruity containing a mixture of Maqui berry, Hibiscus, Noni fruit, rose clay and soothing Lavender and Chamomile flowers. I use this cleanser 3 times a week and I really see a difference after using it. Highly recommend!!!

Meet the Pua lei Coco infusion

Last but not least is the Pua Lei body oil. Smells incredibly sweet yet sophisticated (notes of tuberose and puakenini flower) and feels amazing on the skin. This body oil can be used from head to toe and I even use it as a perfume because it smells THAT good. As I usually say, it’s summer (or Hawaii?!) captured in a cute little bottle. This oil contains coconut oil which hardens at cold temperatures. Therefore it’s a bit difficult to use this product if you live in a country where it’s always cold. So I poured this oil in an old body oil container where I can just scoop out the product without having to heat it up. Using it that way is much easier and I find myself using it more often now.

Leahlani is now available in Europe at the following stores:
Reina Organics, SonaturalbeautyEminessences and MonCornerB

I’ve also had samples of all other Leahlani products so if you’d like to know more about something that is not mentioned here, feel free to send me a message or e-mail


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