Favorites 03 | autumn

As autumn has started and the cold weather has hit Belgium, my skin is in desperate need of some comforting and nourishing skincare products. Let me share with you my favorites of the past 3 months.


RMS Swift eyeshadow in Garden Rose (GR-12)

RMS has recently launched a brand new line of pressed eyeshadows and let me tell you, they are AMAZING! I got the shade GR-12 which is a brownish shade with a reddish pinky sheen. If you have green or hazel eyes, this eyeshadow (actually all the ‘Garden Rose’ shades) will make your eyes pop. This eyeshadow doesn’t crease on me and there is no fall-out during application. I’m really impressed with these shadows and will purchase more very soon.


Cleanser – Holistic green beauty chocolate cleansing balm

Yep, here I am raving about this product again… My love for this balm is still running very strong and that won’t ever change 🙂 This chocolate balm is packed with the most nourishing ingredients like Green Tea, Açaí Berry, Rosehip, Cacao Extract, Calendula, Copaiba,…After massaging it in for a couple of minutes to remove my makeup, I let it sit to get the best out of the nourishing and healing ingredients. My skin never feels dry after using this and the scent (chocolate, but not sickly sweet) is highly addictive.

Face oil – Laurel Facial serum Anti-inflammatory

This oil has been my go-to for about half a year now and I’m very sad that my bottle is emptie. This is a lighweight oil that sinks in very fast and really soothes redness and inflammation. It’s the perfect ‘transition’ oil for when your skin is not dried out by the cold weather yet but you do need some extra TLC. I especially love to mix this in with the Moss Healing Dew which makes the product sink in and absorb even faster. If I need some extra hydration, I apply the Laurel Trasform daily balm on top and set it with a hydrating toner like the Leahlani toning mist.

Balm – Moss Salvation balm

Oh dear salvation, where have you been all my life? This balm, more like a thick paste, is formulated for both healing acne and repairing aging skin and cellular damage. The texture is very dense, a bit grainy even, and you really need to warm a bit in between your fingertips before applying. This balm contains only a few but very rare and unique butters like Ucuuba, black bacuri, Kombo, Mafura and Kokum. If you suffer from oily skin, you might know how hard it is to find a balm that is nourishing yet not too oily. This balm is perfect, it’s rich but it also sinks in right away.


Leahlani Pua Lei coco infusion

As the weather gets colder, our skin tends to get drier. Since I don’t like to use body lotions, I prefer to use a shower oil. This makes application a lot easier and it doesn’t make the skin sticky or too oily. Just before I get out of the shower I apply a few drops of my Leahlani Pua Lei coco infusion and rinse off slightly afterwards. This is a deeply hydrating oil with a very sweet and floral scent.



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