Autumn skincare routine

During the colder months of the year I like to spend some extra time in the bathroom before I start my day. But before you think ‘where the heck does she get the time to do this?!’, let me tell you that I work part-time so I have enough time for this. On days when I have to go to work I hardly have time to put on a tinted moisturizer.


In the morning I like to use a foaming face wash to refresh my skin and just…because it’s quick. I currently use the Ericson Laboratoire Phyt’oxygen mousse. This is a very gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin. This is not a natural/organic cleanser and I won’t repurchase for that reason. I just use it because I ran out of my favorites, the Rainpharma Dedicated face wash and Yüli Halcyon. If you’re looking for a super gentle and soft foaming wash, pick one of these two.

After rinsing thoroughly I apply a mixture of one pump of Moss Healing Dew and 5 drops of Laurel Anti-inflammatory face serum. The Healing Dew makes oils sink in much faster and it creates a healthy glow. This mixture creates the perfect base before applying makeup on top.



In the evening I have more time and I truly enjoy having a little me-time to relax and unwind. I begin with taking off my makeup with the Holistic Green Beauty Chocolate cleansing balm. This balm instantly dissolves into an oil and removes all traces of makeup. I like to second cleanse with the Ericson Laboratoire Phyt’oxygen mousse to remove any oily residue.

Once or twice a week I like to take the time to apply a face mask. But before I do this, I always exfoliate my skin with the Leahlani Honey Love. When I do this, I skip the second cleanser mentioned above. As a mask I’ve lately been using the Siam Seas Herbal head-to-toe mask. This is a powder formula that you can active with water, rice water, honey, fruit juice, … depending on the result you want to achieve. I’ve only tried it with regular water and it’s really gentle yet quite powerful. If I don’t need any results but just want to relax I like to use the Mahalo The Petal mask. For quick application and quick masking I prefer honey based masks like these. The Petal smells like a bouquet of a million roses and applies like a dream.


To finish my routine, I apply a face oil which I rotate almost every day depending on how my skin feels. When my skin feels:

  • Dry: I use the Max and Me I am the light oil which is a bit heavy and takes a bit longer to sink in.
  • Normal or sensitive: I pick the Laurel Anti-inflammatory face serum which sinks is right away and is very gentle.
  • Oily: I use the Siam Seas Twilight BeCalm skin serum which sinks in the fast and leaves no oily residue.



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