Pure luxury | The capsule collection


Seeing the very first pictures on La bella Figura’s instagram account got me like ‘omg, I need that!’. That moment I thought they were only bringing out a seperate release of the Aronia Berry spheres but that wasn’t the case. They were creating their baby, the capsule collection, a 15-piece ensemble that includes everything your skin needs. The Capsule Collection is a limited release item and there are only 200 boxes of it. In the kit you’ll find 3 hydrosol flights, 3 gel concentrates, 3 oil flights, a cleansing balm and the amazing Kakadu Plum and Aronia spheres. The point of this kit is that you mix your own facial oils and that you create a luxury experience. You also get a beautiful ceramic mixing bowl, gloves and a sterling silver spoon, this makes the whole thing even more special and excuisite.img_1605

If you’re a creative soul and you love to experiment, this kit is must. There is something so relaxing and fun about mixing all of the serums and oils together and seeing the results the next morning. If you don’t like to experiment, no problem, La Bella Figura included multiple recipes to help with all skintypes. Personally I don’t follow the recipes and mix my own concotions depending on what my skin needs. I also try to use less product than recommended as I don’t want to go through the kit in just one month. I want to truly enjoy every little ‘capsule’ and only use it when my needs something more.

The product I was the least enthusiastic about is the product that actually turned out to be the best part of the kit. It’s the Curative cleansing balm. This balm offers therapeutic benefits from nourishing Cupuacu butter and Coriander seed oil resulting in clean, smooth skin. While this balm is a bit stiff to massage in, it works wonders at removing dirt and rinses off completely clean, no cloth required! Once you add water to the balm, it emulsifies into a milk and rinses away without any effort. The scent is very nice, sweet and crisp.


And then the Extract spheres, this is what makes this kit so special and fun! There a two kinds of spheres, the Kakadu Plum spheres and the Aronia berry spheres. These spheres burst open into your hand and contain a mixture of Aronia/Kakadu Plum (high source of vitamin C), water, Vegetable Glycerin, Calcium Lactate, Algin, Aloe Barbadensis and Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate Extract. The spheres are made with a process called ‘reverse spherification’ to boost the potency of your product. Once the spheres burst open, it transforms into a gel that makes oils sink in faster and better. I use 2 spheres, Aronia at night and Kakadu Plum in the morning to mix with the hydrosols, gels and oils. The mastermind behind this brand also told me that the liquid of the spheres can be used as a toner, how fun is that?


While I’m not sure if I would pay the €490 again, I am enjoying this kit a lot. It feels so good to design my own products, knowing that all the seperate ingredients are the best of the best on the market. My skin also seems to love the created potions as they just sink right in and I really see the results the next morning. Using this kit makes me feel special and it makes my pampering routine so much more luxurious and fun


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