About Ya’

Ever since I was a child I loved playing with makeup and skincare bits. You know you’re a complete makeup junkie when you just can’t walk behind a store without buying ‘THAT special something’. It just fascinated me that that little tube of “gold” could turn me into a complete other person! The more special the packaging, the more intrigued I was by the product. I’m glad that I know better now and that most of the time, the simplest packaging carries the most wonderful product inside.

I’ve always been interested in healthcare but when I went to high school, I just didn’t have the time to pay much attention to the things I ate or let stand put on my face. When I graduated in 2013, I decided to switch things up, like…everything!

First of all I registered myself at the EFIOW healthcare school to learn more about the effects of food on our health and to (hopefully) become a nutritionist one day. Then I threw away all my toxic skincare an makeup products and replaced it with natural options. And a last (and most important) step was just eating healthier and taking supplements where and if needed.

These changes I made to my life have really been life changing and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better! This is the main reason I decided to start this blog, I want to help you feel better too!

My blog ‘Mienelien’ was born in June 2014. I’ve always been a huge fan of blogs and watching Youtube video’s but since I switched to natural skincare and makeup, there really wasn’t that much left to watch. I wanted to find out more about certain products but there was (and is) just so little information available! And where could I buy these natural products? Because in Belgium there really aren’t that much options. This is the moment I decided to write about it myself, to write about things that I couldn’t find online.

Hope you’ll like it!





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